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i like this, very funny, you could improve the score by putting characters in instead of stickmen, but i like the way the stickmen are animated anyway. good work

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ActiveObjectX responds:

i'll release some character driven stuff soon, which equal to better animation than this.


I like this it's just like a comic book, the art is awesome but you could add some voice (get someone on NG to do the voice for yoy or do it yourself) You could also put more animation in the characters for example eye's blinking and gernral stuff like that. But good work i gess your purpose was to make it like a comic book (y)


kool, you live in london i live near there and the coca cola with bacon made me lmao

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aweosme game but where is the medals? u need to have medals other then that good game

woot o0

love this game its going stight into my favioutes i love it cant stop playing it :D

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awesome, but is it my flash player because it came up with a script error when i got onto leval 2? But it's a very good game with as 3.0!!! and thats very hard to learn so well done with the actionscript and nice art as well, Also it's a very hard game which i like so it's more of a challenge, so overall it's a 10/10.

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ThomSip responds:

I think there's you haven't got the latest flash player installed.

and thanks for the positive review :D

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nice work again dude! i really like your style, also where did you get those tom samples from? I've been looking for decent tom samples for ages but can't seem to find any

martin-wales responds:

cheers mahn, yeah they are just in a pack in Fl studios I'm on version 10, if that helps. got a new tune I'll hopefully have done today if your interested. :D

Could do with some more work here and there but its still nice! Really like the snare you've used

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

mastering and filters im still working on ~ ty for the review

slow start but still very nice! Kick and snare fit the track nicely, also liking the bass at the end, can't wait to hear the rest

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